MSH Library – Tools And Utilities Code Library

MSH Library – Tools And Utilities is a VBA code library providing tools for a large number of programming tasks. This library provides VBA code for:

  • Confirmations – confirm deletions and global data changes.
  • Data Validation – Validate user-entries with user-friendly error messages.
  • Dates – Populate combo-box/list-box controls with quarters of the year, compute the next quarter of the year, & other date-related tasks.
  • External Databases – Get the names of forms & reports in another database; open forms & reports in another database; create a new database linked to tables in the current database.
  • Files – Test the existence of disk files & folders; create a unique filename; extract file name, file type, & file path from a fully qualified path.
  • Strings – Make lists; assemble SQL WHERE clauses, filter strings; format names.
  • Tables – Test whether tables exist, create unique temporary table names.
  • UI Control – Control the appearance of the MS Access Navigation Pane.
  • Measurement Conversions – Over 45 functions to convert measurements – area, distance, volume, liquid, weight, temperature – in the same measurement system (e.g. pounds to ounces) or between US and Metric (e.g. centimeters to inches).
  • Sorting – Sort the contents of single or multi-dimensional arrays and single- or multi-column list-box and combo-box controls.
  • Operating System – Get information from the operating system, create Windows short-cut (LNK) files.
  • And More!

Other features of the MSH Library – Tools And Utilities v2014-10 library:

  • Contains full documentation in PDF format
  • Developed in MS Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • For MS Access 2007 (Service Pack 3), MS Access 2010, and later
  • Modules, forms, and other database objects are unlocked and available for inspection and modification.

This is not public domain software. It is licensed to you at no cost.

MSH Library – Tools And Utilities v2014-10 and its documentation are released to you under one or more of the GNU Public Licenses. Each pertinent GNU license is included in full as attachments in the MSH Library – Tools And Utilities v2014-10.accdb. You may read the pertinent licenses in the MSH Library – Tools And Utilities documentation before downloading the source code. You agree to be bound by these license agreements at such time as you utilize the VBA source code, and/or distribute this or new versions of the code and/or its documentation.

Having trouble getting this application to work?

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  • Click the download link. Your browser will display a file download dialog box.
  • Save MSH Library – Tools And Utilities to any location on your hard drive.
  • When the download is complete, follow these steps:
  • browse to where you saved MSH Library – Tools And Utilities, and right-click it.
  • Choose “Extract All” from the right-click menu.
  • Follow the prompts in the Extraction Wizard to extract the MSH Library – Tools And Utilities v2014-10.accdb file to a location of your choice.
  • Double-click the extracted MSH Library – Tools And Utilities v2014-10.accdb file.
  • Windows will launch MS Access and open the database application.
  • Unless you have extracted the .accdb file to a “trusted” location (as defined in your MS Access local configuration), you will see this security warning message under the MS Access ribbon: .
  • Click the Options button to display the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog (shown below).
  • In the Security Options dialog, Select the “Enable This Content” option and click OK. MS Access will now allow the VBA code in the demonstration database to execute.

Copyright © 2014 by Matthew S. Harris