Message Boards

Sorry for the extra clicks to get to the message boards, but everyone needs to see this bulletin before going to the boards.


Message Boards are now implemented through the ezboard community.  I apologize for the popup ads in the message boards, but I am still having trouble getting ezboard to process the registration payment that will eliminate the popup ads.  


You will need to register with ezboard before using the message boards.  The ezboard registration process requires you to supply a password for the guild boards.  You can obtain the password for the Deadly Grace message board by viewing the guild message of the day, or by sending e-mail to Didjiman.  If you have an existing ezboard global registration, you can register for the Deadly Grace message board by supplying the password.  NOTE: None of the information you enter during the ezboard registration process is available to ezboard administrators.  The ezboard system does provide a means for administrators to send e-mail directly to users of the boards, but does not actually disclose your personal information or e-mail address.  If you don’t want spam, make sure you clear all checkboxes on the ezboard registration forms.


Please report any problems you have registering with or using the ezboards (send e-mail to Didjiman).  As soon as is possible, the ezboard will be replaced with our own programmed message boards, but that is a several months away.