Guild Emblem WINNER

Voting Closed, Winner Declared!



At 2:30pm, PST, on Sunday, 1/27/2002, voting for the guild emblem was closed and the results tabulated.  I hope everyone enjoys the emblem and will wear it with pleasure.


Design #1 was the majority winner in a close vote.


Buying The Emblem
The Guild Emblem will be registered with the Camelot Guild Emblemeer Sunday 1/27/2002, at approximately 8pm PST. The guild emblem should be available to all members immediately afterwards.  


Any character level 20 or higher, or with a trade skill of 400 or higher, can have the emblem added to a cloak or shield at the Guild Emblemeer in Camelot. There is a 5gp fee charged by the Emblemeer to add the emblem to your items. (The Emblemeer is located in the building behind Camelot castle, past the Forge; it is the same building where you register your last name.)  The fees and level/skill restrictions are part of the game, not a guild thing.


Emblem “Scholarships”
Donations to the Guild Emblem Fund resulted in a slight excess of funds. A total of 25gp is available to help our younger, more cash-strapped members obtain the emblem for one item of their choosing. Funds will be made available on a first come, first served basis until all funds have been spent (actually, I think there’s plenty for everyone who needs it).


Vote Statistics
9 people cast votes for the guild emblem, selecting among 11 proposed designs.


Design #1 = 4 votes
Design #2 = 1 vote
Design #7 = 1 vote
Design #10 = 3 votes