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Current Chapter: Introduction
What Is a Didgeridoo?
Origins and Use
How To Play Didgeridoo
Buying A Didgeridoo
Make A Didgeridoo
Didgeridoo Discography

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Copyright © 2002-2013 by Matthew Harris

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"I have only one goal with the didjeridu, and that is to make it well known around the world - and I mean that in a musical sense, not as a novelty act."

~Alan Dargin, as quoted in the liner notes from the Bloodwood CD~

In that spirit, the chapters listed at left contain information about the didgeridoo (also spelled didjeridoo or didjeridu) as an instrument: what it is, its origins, the rudiments of how to play or make a didgeridoo, and tips on buying a didgeridoo.

The author has been playing didgeridoo since 1995, and has been making didgeridoos in non-traditional materials since 1997.  The chapters explaining what a didgeridoo is, and how to play, buy, and make a didgeridoo are based on the author's practical experience with the subjects covered.

The author is still learning about the didgeridoo's role in the tradition and culture of Australia's aboriginal peoples.  So far, authoritative source material for topics discussed in the chapters on the sacred origin, use, and decoration of didgeridoos seems scarce.  Occasionally, sources contradict each other in their details.  The chapters on the didgeridoo's origins and traditional roles are as accurate as the author's current understanding can make them, but they are by no means the final word on these subjects. (The author does hope you find these chapters informative, however.)

If you find any error of fact or omission in these pages, please send corrective information to the Didjiman.

Note: the illustrations that appear at the top left and right corners of these pages are derived from ancient rock paintings found in the Australian outback.

All text & photographs Copyright © 2002-2013 by Matthew Harris