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MSH Library - Progress And Info Display
Opening screen of MSH Library - Progress And Info Display Code Library

Download MSH Library - Progress And Info Display (827 Kb)

View the Documentaton:
MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10
(PDF, 583 Kb)

The MSH Library - Progress And Info Display code library provides mechanisms to display a "progress meter" and informational display form to keep users of your application notified about the progress of lengthy operations. The information display Form is popup/modal, so your application's user is prevented from using your application's interface, or the MS Access interface to start actions that may interfere with the process currently under way.

The Progress And Info Display library provides:

  • Display Form – a Form to display messages to the user. Use this Form to display progress messages of any detail, from a simple "Please Wait" message to step-by-step updates as to what your application is doing.
  • Display Form API – A standard module containing procedures to show & close the information display form, and to set the text that the information display Form shows. Use the procedures in this module as a programming interface to control the display Form.

MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10 has these additional features:

  • Contains full documentation in PDF format
  • Developed in MS Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • For MS Access 2007 (Service Pack 3), MS Access 2010, and later
  • Modules, forms, and other database objects are unlocked and available for inspection and modification.

This is not public domain software. It is licensed to you at no cost.
MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10 and its documentation are released to you under one or more of the GNU Public Licenses. Each pertinent GNU license is included in full as attachments in the MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10.accdb. You may read the pertinent licenses in the MSH Library - Attachments documentation before downloading the source code. You agree to be bound by these license agreements at such time as you utilize the VBA source code, and/or distribute this or new versions of the code and/or its documentation.

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Download Directions

  1. Click the download link. Your browser will display a file download dialog box.
  2. Save MSH Library - Progress And Info Display to any location on your hard drive.
  3. When the download is complete, follow these steps:
    1. browse to where you saved MSH Library - Progress And Info Display, and right-click it.
    2. Choose "Extract All" from the right-click menu.
    3. Follow the prompts in the Extraction Wizard to extract the MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10.accdb file to a location of your choice.
  4. Double-click the extracted MSH Library - Progress And Info Display v2014-10.accdb file.
  5. Windows will launch MS Access and open the database application.
  6. Unless you have extracted the .accdb file to a "trusted" location (as defined in your MS Access local configuration), you will see this security warning message under the MS Access ribbon: The MS Access Security Warning.
  7. Click the Options button to display the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog (shown below).
  8. Enable VBA code in the Security Options dialog
  9. In the Security Options dialog, Select the "Enable This Content" option and click OK. MS Access will now allow the VBA code in the demonstration database to execute.
Copyright © 2014 by Matthew S. Harris