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MSH Library - External Table Management
Opening screen of MSH Library - ExternalDB Code Library

Download MSH Library - External Table Mgmt (802 Kb)

View the Documentaton:
MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10
(PDF, 588 Kb)

MSH Library - External Table Mgmt is a VBA code library to help manage linked tables in an MS Access database. This library provides VBA code to:

  • Test Links Based On A List – use a list of tables to test whether they have valid links.
  • Link/Re-Link Tables From a List – use a list of tables to link/re-link tables from a another .accdb file.
  • Test Links By Scanning Individual Tables – scan all linked tables in the current dabase, and test the validity of their link information.
  • Link/Re-Link Individual Tables – Re-link tables discovered during a scan of all linked tables, one at a time.
  • Add New Links – Create a completely new table link under programmatic control.
  • Remove Links – Remove a linked table under programmatic control.

The MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10 library has these additional features:

  • Contains full documentation in PDF format
  • Developed in MS Access VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • For MS Access 2007 (Service Pack 3), MS Access 2010, and later
  • Modules, forms, and other database objects are unlocked and available for inspection and modification.

This is not public domain software. It is licensed to you at no cost.
MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10 and its documentation are released to you under one or more of the GNU Public Licenses. Each pertinent GNU license is included in full as an attachment in the MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10.accdb. You may read the pertinent licenses in the MSH Library - External Table Mgmt documentation before downloading the source code. You agree to be bound by these license agreements at such time as you utilize the VBA source code, and/or distribute this or new versions of the code and/or its documentation.

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Download Directions

  1. Click the download link. Your browser will display a file download dialog box.
  2. Save MSH Library - External Table Mgmt to any location on your hard drive.
  3. When the download is complete, follow these steps:
    1. browse to where you saved MSH Library - External Table Mgmt, and right-click it.
    2. Choose "Extract All" from the right-click menu.
    3. Follow the prompts in the Extraction Wizard to extract the MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10.accdb file to a location of your choice.
  4. Double-click the extracted MSH Library - External Table Mgmt v2014-10.accdb file.
  5. Windows will launch MS Access and open the database application.
  6. Unless you have extracted the .accdb file to a "trusted" location (as defined in your MS Access local configuration), you will see a security warning message under the MS Access ribbon.
  7. Click the Enable Content button (or the Options button, depending on your version of Office) to allow execution of the VBA code in the MS Access database.
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