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The arrangement of furniture, equipment, and lighting are not the only factors that determine your risk for MSD/RSI. Your work habits are also very important. This section recommends good work habits to help reduce your risk of MSD/RSI.

First and foremost, vary your activities. Take some time to analyze the types of tasks you perform. Break up your routine and try to vary your tasks so that you do not end up sitting in one position or performing the same activities with your hands for several hours at a time. Staying too long in one position, or repeating the same motion many times, causes discomfort and injury. Do something different with your hands and arms for a while. For example, if you typically do several hours of data-entry each day, see if you can intersperse other tasks with your data-entry so that you do not end up typing non-stop for several hours at a time.

If you must work at your computer for prolonged periods, make sure you take periodic breaks. Get up, stretch, and walk around at least twice every hour, if only for a minute or two. Frequent, short breaks are probably of greater benefit than fewer, longer breaks - especially in light of recent research regarding the detrimental effects of sitting still for as little as one hour.

Other suggestions for work habits that can reduce your risk of MSD/RSI:

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